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The Champions League draw always provides entertainment. Even though the random drawing and the whole ceremony is fairly boring, it’s always interesting because it always seems to draw clubs together that are related in some way. Sometimes they’ll gift a club with revenge against a club that knocked them out the year before, or other times provide a real group of death. This time, the interesting thing the Champions League draw did was bring Kaka and Zlatan Ibrahimovic back to Italy (and back to the San Siro more specifically). Yes, Kaka and Zlatan will face their former clubs for one game during the group stage and get to play in front of the fans that once idolized them. (Unless of course they are suspended or injured for the match, which makes this all moot.) Groups of the Italian teams after the jump.

Group A
Bayern Munich
Maccabi Haifa

Juventus got an ok group. Bayern Munich is their toughest opponent, while French champions Bordeaux could provide a tough test as well. Maccabi Haifa shouldn’t be a problem but away trips to Israel are never easy.

Group C

Real Madrid

Milan were handed a favorable group. Real Madrid aside, Marseille and Zurich shouldn’t provide big scares for the Rossoneri.

Group E

Fiorentina have a rematch with Lyon and have the tough task of facing Liverpool. Debrecen will probably be the group punching bag. Fiorentina’s matches with Lyon will be crucial as Liverpool will be tough.

Group F
Dynamo Kiev
Rubin Kazan

Inter get to face old friend Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and then face two Eastern European sides, and we all know how those winter trips to Russia and the Ukraine can be.

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