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Nerazzurri will go to Stamford Bridge to win...

Inter defeated Chelsea 2-1 at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza this evening and Wesley Sneijder said he felt that the Italians merited their victory.

“I think we deserved to win,” Sneijder told Sky Sports. “We were dominating the first half, with a little bit more luck we score the second one [before half-time] but we know that Chelsea are a very strong team with very good individual players so it's not done yet.”

The Dutchman was eager to reinforce this message, but pointed out that if Inter scored then it will be tough for Chelsea to progress.

“We were never the favourites so I don't want to say that,” he explained. “I see that we are defending a 2-1 victory and it means we have to play 0-0 but if we score then it will be difficult for them.”

Sneijder concluded by saying that Inter's objective will be to win at Stamford Bridge.

“You can tell a lot of stories but the only thing is that we go there and we go there to win.”( Source : Goal.com)

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