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Lazio have announced they will lodge an appeal to UEFA against Villarreal. “They locked us out of the stadium.”

The Biancocelesti were defeated 4-1 at the Madrigal this evening in a game that saw two players sent off and Pasquale Foggia miss a penalty.

“We will not speak after this scandal,” slammed Lazio Press Officer Stefano De Martino when Davide Ballardini refused to meet with the media.

“We are staying silent and are currently locked in a room with the UEFA representatives to write an official appeal.

“From the moment we arrived in Spain we have been stopped from doing our job. Personally, as Press Officer, I was barred from working and even entering the stadium.

“The Spanish security services left me and the kit staff outside. Seeing as we have not been allowed to work, we will lodge an appeal to UEFA.”[www.football-italia.net]

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