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FIGC President Giancarlo Abete has told Fabio Capello he is “wrong to generalise” about Italian football and its fans.

The England Coach claimed “the Ultras are in command” and ruining the sport in the peninsula.

“If Capello wanted to represent the complexity of Italian football, then this was already well known,” replied Federation chief Abete.

“There have been problems and it would be foolish to underestimate them, but it would also be wrong to generalise by suggesting a minority are the key to everything.

“We must try to safeguard those spectators who go to the stadium with a positive approach.”

The rules have already been relaxed so that clubs can build and own their own stadiums, with Juventus already constructing the new Stadio Delle Alpi.

Abete was also asked to comment on the situation in the Azzurri camp after Marcello Lippi slammed supporters at Parma’s Stadio Tardini for jeering his squad against Cyprus.

“We had a negative experience at the Confederations Cup and learned from that. Now everyone in the Federation has a job to do so we can all prepare for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

“As for the Parma incident, Italian football is accustomed to great results. Qualifying for the World Cup seems natural, but there are many nations who didn’t achieve that like Turkey, Croatia and Sweden.

“Then there are France, Ireland and Portugal who still have to earn their place through the play-offs. Italian football mustn’t rest on its laurels, but always find the strength and motivation to improve.”[www.football-italia.net]

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