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Commented Jose Mourinho the Ramadan matter that was connected with the physical condition for the football player received the criticism. A Moslem group in Italia, Union for the Communities and Organisations of Islamic in Italy (UCOII), considered the coach Inter Milan has spoken apart from the limit.

"I thought Mourinho should not often speak." The religious Islamic player did not appear weaker in the field. We knew if the medicine in the world of sport but also the mental stability as well as psychology knowledge could make the player appear good, said the leader UCOII Mohamed Nour Dachan to La Repubblica.

What was said by Dachan was the reaction from the Mourinho explanation concerning his attitude interesting went out Sulley Muntari in the first round in the Inter opener fight the end last week.

"Muntari had the problem that be connected with Ramadan." Possibly when the hot weather was not good for him fasted. Ramadan came when that was inexact for the player, said Mourinho that time.

Muntari from Ghana fasted when his team competed against Bari. He was attracted outside Mourinho in the minute to-29

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