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Maurizio Berretta became Chairman Calcio League that was new. Former Director Confindustria this will become the leader in 36 sheltering clubs was supervised relieved calcio. The club that was protected by him was 19 clubs from Series-A and 17 clubs from Series-B. where during the election himself won the vote that was picked up from 40 delegations of the club that was present.

Voting box obtained from a majority vote for him and with one voice on behalf of the Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete (FIGC), where he had served three months as extraordinary commissioner of the Calcio League
With results of this voting, after President Juventus left the Relieved Calcio headquarters in Milan, Gigli expressed satisfaction. "Finally we have also new rules which are starting with a new conclave, which is a sign of the evolution of body Calcio League. We need a wise leader in the Calcio League and now we've got it".

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