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The Juventus board of directors has approved the figures relative to the fourth trimester.

Which show that the net result up to the 30th June is a positive €6.6 million. This is a significant improvement compared to last year when the result was €20.8 million in the negative. This is relevant data which is associated with a net positive financial position of 25.6 million, which represents an improvement of over 14 million over that of the 2007/2008 season. Takings have also risen for this season – thanks especially to the effect of the Champions League – touching the 20.4 million mark, an 18% improvement over last year. The figures are at the level of the 2005/2006 season.

With regards to the data relative to the 4th trimester, the takings are equal to 53.4 million (+26.1% compared to 2007/2008) and expenses at 56.2 million (an increase of 28.1% compared to last year). The trimester has a net negative result of €15.1 million, an improvement of over 5 million when compared to 2007/2008.

«The figures approved by the board – declared Juventus general manager Jean-Claude Blanc at the end of the meeting – confirm the quality of the work done, on all levels, and represent a solid base for next year, for which we have formulated a foreseen sustainable break even. These figures consolidate the idea of sustainable football: an objective which is practical thanks to a careful management and the dedication and professionalism of all the employees and collaborators of the club».

The details of the fourth trimester are published in the press release.[www.juventus.com]

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